The Young Peoples’ Alliance of Carver (YPAC) Board of Directors has many people to thank and to be thankful for.

First, we want to thank all the kids and parents who took the time to answer our survey last year. You told us two important things. You said Carver needs a youth center and you told us what kinds of programs you want to see at YPAC: arts and crafts; exercise / fitness / weight-lifting programs; nature, science, and reading and writing programs, discussion groups, field trips, extra help with or time for homework, and simply a safe place to be after school.

Special thanks to the many anonymous donors who, beginning back in 2012, contributed almost $20,000 to YPAC to fund programs for Carver’s youth. You are our foundation; without you, we could not have even begun to move forward. Thank you for caring so much about your community.

We want to thank all those Carver residents who came to our 2013 Open House: citizens of all ages; our Middle School chorus who sang for everyone; the kids who made earrings, bracelets, pictures, puppets, and quilted coasters, who played music, and who had fun playing games and lifting weights; the volunteers who staffed the arts and crafts, music, games, and weight-lifting areas; the volunteers who baked and baked to help us raise money for programming; the TV crew from CCAT who filmed the event; Police Chief Marc Duphily and Sergeant Joe Ritz who took the time on a Saturday to join the community with their families; the Fire Department that donated tables and chairs for the event and dropped them off and picked them up. Thank you all for your energy, excitement, and commitment. Special thanks to the Merritt Family and the members of the Doreen Merritt Community Fund committee for their generous donation of $25,000 to the YPAC cause at our 2013 Open House. This youth center would not be moving forward without your kindness and extreme generosity.


Thank you to Edaville USA and to Brenda Johnson, in particular, for allowing us to have a table at Edaville’s Carver Day in November 2013. And thank you to all those residents who cheerfully donated $5 to YPAC on Carver Day at Edaville when they normally would have had free admittance. Your community spirit is awesome. Thanks to you and to Edaville, Carver Day raised over $6,800 that was then generously matched by Edaville USA, bringing the total to $10,000 donated in one day for our kids. What a great way to help the community!

Thank you also to the Carver Schools’ PTO for letting us have an informational table at your 2013 “Winter Wonderland” event. The placement of our table and the timing were perfect. We received a lot of signatures that day from even more community-minded people wanting to help. Thank you, PTO, for sharing your space with us.

And thank you to those who volunteered their help with their signatures at all of these events. You are not forgotten. We have made progress this past year and you deserve to know where we stand.

We also want to thank three former founding members of YPAC for their dedication and service: Sharon Miksch, Christy Kendrick, and Charlotte Oldham. Thank you for your vision, your love of kids, and your dedication to this youth center. We are stronger for you. Although we know you have other obligations, we are grateful for your time with us.

UPDATES:  (We hope this list will continue to grow!)

YPAC would also like to thank:

A.D. Makepeace Co
Adams Communication
Bayside Agricultural Inc
Blair Agency Inc
Cape Web Sales
Carver Community Access TV
Carver Emergency Medical Services
Carver Fire Department
Carver Lions Club
Carver Police Union
Hyperion Photography
Ken Simmons
Makepeace Neighborhood Fund
Mayflower Medical Equipment Inc.
Michael Jackman-Congressman Keating District Director
Minuteman Press-Carver
Page Corp
Scott’s Sealcoating
Semantics Consulting, Inc.
Slocum Gibbs Cranberry Co.
Sons of Union Veterens
Standish Acres Cranberries
The Berry Guys
Ward Bogs
WB Mason
Woolson Engineering